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Twisted Knickers Publications (March 19, 2009)
Paperback 124 pages Copyright © 2007.
RTA Mature Content — Reader discretion advised
ISBN-13: 978-0982214510
Fiction » Literary, Transgressional fiction, Fiction » Romance » Contemporary 
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Was I insane When I wrote this Book? An Author’s Thoughts.

Philosophy In The Bedroom – A Review

Book Description: Young, innocent college freshman Laleana O’Reilly, disenchanted with societal norms, decides that she needs a new philosophy. One dreary late night in the college library, she discovers the Marquis deSade . . . and Julian. One book. One desire. One unbridled act of passion. Laleana might submit her body, but to the abyss, she’ll never surrender her soul. Read Chapter 1


Totally engrossing and intense. — ReaderViews

Brimming with passion and sexual tension. — LLBookReview

Literary and erotic without being tacky or indulgent. — PODBRAM

A torrid mirror of the soul. Gardner writes with the eloquence of a literary master, uncovering the beauty that lies within the grotesque. — BreeniBooks

Dark almost obsessive eroticism in the most romantic of tones. Convincing and even unashamed. — Goodreads

Gardner has masterfully adjoined elements of romance, erotica, literary fiction and psychological realism to create a story that is both entertaining and frightening at the same time. — DactylReview

This story is not for the faint of heart but Cheryl Anne delves deeply into their non-conformist feelings and attitudes which is what makes this story so special. Each character surprises the reader in the end as they all change to a degree — and they all do not change.  — Barnes and Noble

The characters are fascinating, each of them, and very individual.  I can’t say I admired her (Laleana,) and I didn’t always sympathize with her, but she was very real. Her strengths and weaknesses, her confidence and vulnerabilities, were genuinely portrayed. She was interesting to read, a challenge (albeit a fascinating one) to understand. — Amazon