Cover_KissingRoomAvailable in Print and eBook formats for: Kindle, KOBO, B&N, and iPad
Twisted Knickers Publications (November 26, 2008)
Paperback 78 pages Copyright © 2006.
RTA Mature Content — Reader discretion advised
ISBN-13: 978-0982214503

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Book Description: Merle tells us her tale of love, longing, and desperation. As she struggles with the guilt over her husband’s suicide, Merle’s gut wrenching quest for redemption takes her on a downward spiral into a hell of her own making. Resigned to a life of self-mutilation, abuse, and despair, will she find hope in a mysterious stranger, or will she die, entangled in a sadistic relationship with her husband’s best friend. The Kissing Room is a story of death and renewal, of love lost, and of salvation found in the most unlikely of places.  It is the story of two hearts united in cruelty and pain who have only to look to each other for hope. Read Chapter 1


A vivid and compelling tale of love, loss, and renewal. — BreeniBooks

A beautifully written story that is both unexpected love story and character study.  —

A deeply touching love story; you just won’t know it till the end. —

This author has the rare talent to create a complete meaningful story in less than 100 pages. The story was so good,[…] I read it a second time in one day. —

This book seems like another sad romance and then sucker punches you with a twist. —

So strong this book was. Best ending for such a sad and loving story. —

Gritty with a pinch of Emotional rollercoaster. — Amazon

There’s a vulnerable honesty in the writing that is a compelling combination of strength and weakness, and in just a few words, in a brief passage, Gardner can draw a complete and complex portrait of a place, a man, a history, or a love. — Amazon