Available in Print and eBook formats for: Kindle, KOBO, B&N, and iPad
Twisted Knickers Publications (February 14, 2018)
Paperback 103 pages
RTA Mature Content — Reader discretion advised
ISBN-13: 978-0-9910027-4-0
Copyright © 2016.

Book Description: Just A Girl. Just A Guy. Just a Bench.

A bench on a street, but this isn’t the story of a bench. It’s the story of a Girl. A Girl who didn’t know how to girl.

Endearingly nerdy, sharp, funny, and a bit of a tomboy badass, Girl is not a prude. Not shy or timid. She loves horror movies and literature and dirty jokes. She looks good in flannel, she’s 26, and she’s into crushes. Romantic crushes where she can dream about holding hands or talking for hours on a hill, in the quiet and stillness of the starlight. Anything more than hand­holding seems weird to her. Other kids in College made her feel like a freak, and she began to worry that there was something wrong with her.

In a society of pouty lips, big breasts, and stiletto heels, she was becoming invisible, until her best friend started dating Mathilda.

This is a story about a Girl, about a Guy she knows, and a bench upon which they were sat. Our Girl has never been good at radical thoughts, and she usually gets what she deserves when she has them. This is the story about those thoughts. Thoughts on how to NOT have sex, Not eat noodles, and other comedic life, love, and dating nonsense from a Girl who was brave enough to challenge what it means to be a girl.

Attraction is more fluid than it seems. It’s a new kind of sexual revolution, and through fits and fumbles, our Girl finally discovers that love is what you make of it. Read Chapter 1