Publishing Credits – Fiction


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And Then You Weren’t. (2012, November). Fictionaut

Antimacassar. (2014, July) Edge Lit and Other Art

Anyone for Squirrel? . (2012, February 17). Weirdyear

Beware of Dog. (2011, May 12). The Carnage Conservatory

Bike Trails and Ash Clouds. (2011, November/December Issue II). Stone Highway Review

Bin Liners are Cheaper… . (2015, March). Change Seven Magazine

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Coming Soon. (2011, May 31). Dogzplot

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Desperate Islands are Ours. (2014, March) ExFic

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Hey Shitbag! What’s My Destiny. (2011, July 26). The Carnage Conservatory

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Hula-Hoops, Boys, and Bottle Rockets. (2012, May) Salt

Hyperthyroidism. (2011, July 28). In Between Altered States

If I Were A Chemist… (2014, October). Fictionaut

In a Lightning Storm… (2014, December). Revolution John

In Flight Entertainment. (2011, May 15). Pure Slush

Ink. (2013, February). Fictionaut

Intern. (2011, September). Let’s Fuck Later

Is That The Kind With Lead In It? (2015, May). Pure Slush – Lit Bulb Festival

It Only Works if You Light It. (2014, April). Danse Macabre du jour

Kitsch. (2012, September). The Molotov Cocktail

Lessons from The Gridiron: Voyeurism and Gingivitis. (2011, September). Pure Slush Print Edition: Slut

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Local 451. (2012, April 7). The Mustache Factor

Long Island Iced Tea. (2012, June). The Carnage Conservatory

Long Sticks Are Often Usefull. (2014, September). Fictionaut

Madame Malicious and The Most Unlikely of Peers . (2012, February 7). The Carnage Conservatory

Made in China. (2011, December Featured Author). Negative Suck

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Margaritas and Razor Blades: After Five Porno for Skeptics. (2011, June 22). The Carnage Conservatory

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Me, You, and They. (2011, August 6). The Carnage Conservatory

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Things You Carry. (2011, December Featured Author). Negative Suck

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Trodden Upon. (2011, December Featured Author). Negative Suck

Under New Management. (2013, December). Fictionaut

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