Language, and Lots of It Please


I like language. I like a lot of colorful language, and I feel that authors have the right to use and manipulate the language as they see fit. I always saw fit, it is often said that I have a potty mouth, which is maybe, probably true. This fact is often apparent in my first drafts, as is noted in this conversation I had with my editor over Knowing Joe:

My Editor: Love the feel of this thing, but you might want to tone down the language. I mean, you hit them with Pussy on the first page, in the damn opening sentence. Maybe ease off a bit.

Me: It’s a sex satire.

Editor: I know that.

Me: Like maybe replace some of the fucks?

Editor: Yes, Please.

Me: For the love of Pete’s piss pot!

Editor: Yes, exactly that.

Subsequently we arrived at:

19 Fucks down from 51
32 Shits, down from 55
2 Cunts, one being Daft
8 Hell
8 Damn
2 Pussy

I would say, for me, that is considerably toned down, and while there is a lot of language in this book, there is no sex. Maybe a rather awkward scene with a neon purple vibrator, but no sex.


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