Thoughts On Cover Art


It took me a while to decide what kind of cover art I wanted to use for Knowing Joe. Since it’s a satire, I felt the cover had to have a satirical feel as well. Some will get it instantly, and others won’t, but I did have a few comments on the cover since it’s very minimalistic.

Why did you opt out of back cover copy?

Since the book won’t be sold in actual book stores, most people are going to read the book description on the book site they are purchasing from, so this time, I don’t know, I didn’t feel it was necessary, and, I wanted to stick with the Flash Fiction roots of the story. Just a Girl. Just a Guy. Just a Bench pretty much sums up the silliness of the story.

Why didn’t you use a nice smooth heart vector?

The front cover photo is a manipulated stock photo I purchased from Dreamstime, and yes, I could have purchased a lovely heart vector for the cover as well, but there is a scene in the story where Girl is talking about cutting out little hearts with an X-acto knife, so I wanted a simple jagged image to represent that scene and basically her thoughts on love and sex, which don’t really have smooth lines either.

Where did you get the cityscape for the interior of the book?

I actually designed and drew that myself. I tend to doodle while I am writing in order to keep myself ‘in’ the story. That cityscape is how I envisioned the story, though the bench is missing.


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