Starting the Home Stretch


I finally finished the rough first draft of my novella, so that means at least 6 months of rewriting and editing before it will be ready for my lovely and dedicated proofreader to have a crack at, then, hopefully, it will be off to the beta readers in January.

It’s been almost 2 years since I put it away so that I could focus on Rupert’s rehab, so it’s time to clear the cobwebs outta mah think-hole and get back to it.

I’ll be going back to my roots on this one. Like Kissing Room, the storyline has a simple trajectory and a brief timeline. No murder. No mayhem. No sex, and No psychosis. Well, maybe a little crazy, but it is a comedy. My first intentional bit of comedic writing, so

If my cat posts are sporadic, it’s because I am here:




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