Major Frustration…



If all the world were apple pie, and all the sea were ink, and all the trees were bread  and cheese, what would we have to drink?

I am sure at this point, Moon feels this way about cat food. I certainly do and am frustrated beyond belief.

I was thwarted again. I thought, finally, I found a rabbit cat food that he likes and one that is low carb and doesn’t have peas in it. I’ve always liked Instinct as a brand, but every single one of their foods had some sort of issue. I thought this one was the ticket to a little more variety in his diet. Variety that wouldn’t set off a shit storm of atopic reactions.

61E0QP+M7JL._SL1000_Sadly, no more of this for Moon. I bought a case last month and switched our feeding regime to this on weekdays and the kangaroo at weekends. It took just 3 weeks before the dandruff and manic itching returned. The poor thing is so uncomfortable. Now don’t get me wrong, this is a good food with a limited ingredient list, and the shitty peas are at the bottom of the list and it doesn’t have a fuck ton of potatoes, either. So what’s the problem? Apparently for a cat with food sensitivities and seasonal allergies, FLAXSEED can be a serious problem. This food has a lot of it.

So we are back to the boring old Hydrolyzed Pork diet from Young Again and the Rayne Kangaroo maintenance. I’d like more variety for him, but every single thing we try gives him issues, that is, if he will even eat it at all.

It’s been suggested that I go raw, but I do not have the freezer capacity for that and with Moon’s stone issues, I do not feel comfortable getting the calcium/phos ratios right for him. This list is becoming a tall order:

  1. No beef, fish, lamb, or poultry
  2. No unidentified meat by-products that may be one of the above
  3. No carrageenan
  4. Low Carb
  5. Low Mineral ratios
  6. No Grains
  7. No Peas
  8. No Pumpkin
  9. No Flaxseed

The Rayne isn’t perfect. It has a really high carb load from the potatoes, but it doesn’t make him itch himself to death. We just got all his bald patches filled in, so I guess we’ll just stop trying.



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