Litter Changeover Process


fe069f97-ce79-494f-bce2-f355de77f20b_1.3cda1b25bac6d104f539b361187ca55eWell, we have finally eliminated all the clay litter. We’d been holding out for the right mix that wasn’t too light and fluffy and also wasn’t too dusty. I’d been using the Walnut litter for a while mixed with a bit of clay, but the walnut can also be very dusty, and I did say that I wanted to try a wood litter. I settled on the Okocat Soft Step. This litter is featherweight, so it does track quite a bit, but since my guys have always been messy, I’ve not found a litter that doesn’t track. I am just destined to sweep. I also think the Okocat is too light on it’s own, so at this point I’ve been mixing it about a 4:1 ratio with the walnut. The Okocat seems to knock down some of the walnut dust, and the guys really really like it. It smells nice, clumps and scoops very well too, though I do add zeolite for odor control. These litters track like crazy, but I think they last longer.

41tqwc7c7ilI also decided to try a new litterbox. I had switched to these Natures Miracle high-sided boxes a year ago with the hope that Moon would stop overshooting the sides with his pee, or what I like to call turd-shelfing.

He doesn’t turd-shelf anymore, but wouldn’t you know that he found a way to overshoot in these boxes. That nice little pouring spout added to the opening there to help the owner dump the litter, well, it’s actually a pee-ramp when Moon is involved. When he hits it, it just shoots the pee all over. Guess the designers didn’t see that coming. Neither did I.

So I decided to try this NVR Miss Litterbox, which is supposed to make them reorient themselves to prevent entry-peeing. It has nice high sides too, for that turd-shelfing thing. product_info_1

I only bought one ($$$$) because I wanted to make sure they would use it first. Turns out, they love it, and surprisingly, Moon has been reorienting himself to pee. The opening is similar to the old boxes, but notice that there is no spout/pee-ramp. SmartCat

The other added bonus is that Rupert has this habit of clawing the top edges of the boxes. The boxes I’ve only had for a year are mangled. This new box doesn’t have a molded ledge, just a slight lip, so it’s curtailed his clawing.

Next in the rotation, I am going to try the Smart Cat grass litter with the Okocat in place of the walnut. So I’ll let you know how that goes next month when I run out of the walnut. My only concern is that with Moon’s seasonal allergies, his itchiness might return. It is grass, though still worth a try if it’s less dusty than the others. That walnut is some dusty-assed shit, no matter what the manufacturer says.


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