That Whisker Fatigue Article I was Interviewed for…


Cat’s are silly, and maybe that helps stoke my passion for understanding their behavior and their often special needs. I wrote about the Catsby bowl here when I was trying to figure out Moon’s weird eating problems. We solved those problems, and I wrote a review for the bowls on Amazon, which led a very nice reporter from the New York Times straight to my door. She was doing an article on whisker fatigue, and you know me, I love to talk about my passion projects, and I am always willing to share what I’ve learned to help others. Cats, writing, gardening, doesn’t matter the subject.

So, on to the article. Enjoy.



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  1. What an insightful article about whisker fatigue. I’ve been feeding my clowder on small plates for years without knowing about whisker fatigue, just seeing them paw the food out of bowls, and trying the plates, which worked. Now I understand why! Thank you for sharing!

  2. My guys get dry and wet food. The wet I have always fed on plates, but the dry (for Moon’s urinary issues) just rolls off the plates. I have an entire cupboard of thrift store bowls and they were never completely happy with any of them. I think $20.00 is kind of pricey for a pet bowl, but they are stainless steel, which means that I can’t break them, so that will save me a ton of money on replacements. I am always breaking or chipping the other ones. The Catsby bowls are indestructible. And they fit on the Antster platforms because we have a huge problem with ants.

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