Normalizing and Some Royal Fluff


icm_fullxfull.120198155_arr4tbxr3k00gk4cgw48Activities in the house are starting to normalize after, what, 16 months. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long since we brought Rupert in because all the time spent on him just flew by like a warm breeze. I look at his royal fluff now and I can barely remember the stinky, scared thing he was not so long ago.

He’s pretty much done with his ‘running back to the den’ whenever he feels wary of something. Most often, when I get home in the evening, he’s in the dining room on the bed with Moon, catching some sun or just looking at the garden through the patio doors. They eat their kangaroo meals together now, and Rupert will lick both plates clean if Moon doesn’t finish.

This past week was the first week I was able to sleep through the night without disturbance. Moon would come in to eat from his secret bowl (he still needs a food bowl of his own in secret), but he didn’t need to wake me up for reassurance that the bowl was full. He just ate and then went back out into the house to be with his friend.

Rupert is still a little bit skittish when it comes to the hustle and bustle and the loud noises during cooking and cleaning times, so he still retreats to a safe place when he feels the need, but the need is diminishing, and he spends more and more time in closer proximity to us in the evenings. He’s a charmer too. The way he rolls around and shows you his belly when he wants attention and interaction. I noticed this when he was outside. He’d do it to Moon through the patio door. That’s how we knew he was lonely. Timid and Lonely. Moon was the same once upon a time back in 2006 when we first met him and Rupert.

Neither one of them was meant for solitary living nor were they meant for the hardship that comes with solitary living, so both of them, in their own way, asked us for help. It’s been a long and wonderful journey, and even at this point, I can smile at the fact that both of them have the life I imagined they wanted.

They are safe, well fed, healthy, and most of all, they are not lonely. They have us, and they have each other to discuss and do cat things with. Neither of them had that outside. Too much competition for survival, which they don’t have to worry about anymore. Moon is competitive over my attention, but that will work itself out in time.

Anyway, I said I would unveil the Litus Gallery painting I had done for Rupert when it was finished and on it’s way to me, so… ta da! I can’t wait to hang it with the others.



Courtesy of The Litus Gallery


It’s too difficult to think about all those years Rupert was alone out there, hungry, in the ice and snow, so I like that this painting gives him confidence and friends and a sunny day to enjoy a game without worry. Thanks again to DD for helping me give Rupert a history to go along with his beautiful and honest soul.


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