Eating Together



This is what eating in the same room looks like. Backs to each other, but nobody is stressed or threatened, and Moon has stopped harassing Rupert for smacking his lips too loudly. I’m amazed we got to this point, though it did take 16 months.

That green thing is an Antser, which keeps the ants out of their dry food. Feral cats are less stressed if they are free fed. The Antser is a miracle. Seriously. If you feed ferals outside, they save food by keeping the ants out.

They are enjoying Rayne’s Kangaroo Maintenance wet diet. It has a bit more potato in it than I would like, but it’s got meaty chunks and lots of moisture, not to mention, again, that it’s really helping with Moon’s skin issues. We did try Koha’s Limited Ingredient Kangaroo pate, which was nice and soft and very moist, but something turned them off and neither would eat it after the first taste, which is odd because Rupert eats everything. It is a really good food, but I think the green-lipped mussel they add to it wasn’t a big hit after it was refrigerated, or it could have been the ginger or kale. Certain ingredients become unappealing after refrigeration, even if you let the food get back up to room temperature. I was afraid with Moon’s allergies that the shellfish might cause a problem anyway, but it’s irrelevant now since they both gave it an emphatic thumbs down. Koha is the only company I know of that sells sample cans, so at lease I didn’t have to commit to a case. I highly recommend the food if your cats like it.

So for now, they are still eating the Young Again LID Mature Zero and the Rayne Kangaroo and Rabbit wet diets. The Young Again Zero has only a trace amount of carbs, under 1%, so the few little potato pieces they get in the Rayne (4 TBS per day each) has only a negligible impact on their daily carb intake.


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