Oh The Suffering and Indignity


Well, the spring vet visits are done. Nobody lost blood or their mind.

Moon howls all the way there and back again, but he is a peach when he gets there. He lost a bit of weight, so he’s 14.6 pounds of love and doing very well on the new kangaroo food. It’s nice to see his bald spots filling in. He was also able to avoid a dental cleaning for another year, although he did have to get his waxy-assed ears cleaned. Gross.

Rupert was a bit more of a challenge.

Plan A: I got the rubber tub down from storage and put new towels in it, sprayed it with feliway, and then put it in the room so he could gradually get used to seeing it. Monday he saw it and then never saw it again because he refused to go back into the room. The bonus was that he spent a week in the dining room on the patio door bed, with us, and with Moon.

Plan B: Put the rubber tub in the bedroom so he can’t see it so that he will be willing to go back into the room. Chasing him around a tiny room is easier than chasing him around the house. My husband and I were already strategizing our football moves just in case. I put the hard top-load carrier behind the chair he likes to use as a hiding place. If he goes in, I’ll just shut the door. Also, I had the soft top-load carrier at the ready because there is no such thing as too many carriers or too much strategic planning. Hell, the professionals took 8 years to trap him for TNR. He needs to be hoodwinked but good.

He did go back into the room Saturday morning for breakfast, but when he saw the carrier behind the chair, he gave me a steely-eyed ‘What the absolute Fuck’ look that stopped me in my tracks, but not before I could thwart his escape by closing the door. He deflated at point, and I was able to pick him up without struggle and get him into the soft carrier.

We even managed to get to the vet’s office without him soiling himself. Same cannot be said for the ride home. The motion of the car really upsets his little insides.

Anyway, Rupert is calm and sweet once we get there. He gained a bit, so he’s 14.6 pounds as well, and his teeth are doing great, so no dental work for him this year either. His ears were good, so he just needed his back toenails trimmed. I don’t trim the front claws since they use wood scratching posts.

Rupert shat himself on the way home, so after having to suffer so many indignities in one day, he was pretty nervous and wary of me for the rest of the day. Eventually he will get used to the routine, same as Moon did.

On a fun note, DD from the Litus Gallery finished my fairytale portrait of Rupert in the garden to finish up our family portrait wall. As soon as I get it, I will share the masterpiece.

Until then …

It’s finally Spring, so Party like you mean it.




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