The Secret Lives of Silly Boys doing Secret Things…


We try not to spend too much time in the safe room with Rupert these days. In the beginning, when we were introducing him to physical contact and love, we spent hours and hours with him every day and night, but now that he trusts us (to a degree) and appreciates the luvin, we want him to yearn for it and actively seek us out for it. We want him to feel a little lonely back there and choose not to feel that way.

Moon helps, but he can be a dick sometimes and very possessive over food and other things including, and especially, his mommy. However, Rupert is cautious but he’s not fearful or nervous, and he’s also persistent. Even if Moon swats him or attempts to chase him away, Rupert will try again.

Last night, Rupert couldn’t stand being in the room alone anymore, so I caught him sneak down the hallway, through the kitchen, to the dining room. Moon was in the dining room on his patio bed. We call it his patio bed because it simulates how he used to watch over the garden from our patio all day and all night. Yes, it is a dog bed. Big cats need room. Anyway, it’s Moon’s bed. I had put it away for a few months to reduce conflict, only bringing out on sunny weekends, but I forgot to put it away yesterday morning.

This is what I found when I snuck into the kitchen and quick flicked on the lights so I could make sure they weren’t antagonizing each other. Sorry for the crap pics, but it’s basically a point into the dark and shoot sort of thing.


That Rupert had the bravery and the persistence to even get on the bed shows that his confidence has blossomed, and that Moon let him alone, shows that secretly, Moon appreciates the company and can share when he wants to.

15 Months.

We’ve still got a long way to go, and it’s moments like these that prove all the hard work and patience and frustration were so totally worth it. The transformation from street cat to happy housecat with friends they can trust is so wondrous it makes me cry. When I’m not jumping up and down while silently screaming in joy, that is.



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