Fear is a Thing that Can be Defeated


Sorry for the moodiness of the picture, but I didn’t want to be too disruptive.

When I got home from work the other day, Rupert was not in his room. I looked all over the house for him and couldn’t find him anywhere until I went to the bedroom to see if he was under the bed.

He wasn’t.

He was looking out the window while snuggled up on my bed.


When we brought Moon in, I rearranged the furniture in the bedroom so that the bed was near the window. That window gets excellent sun in the afternoon and has a wonderful view of the woods and the bird feeders. Apparently, Rupert likes the arrangement as well, though it does throw a spanner into Moon’s plan to make that his room and his room only. So either they are skirting around each other, which is fine, or they are actually working out a sharing arrangement, which is better than fine.

It’s been over a year since Rupert came inside, and it is getting very obvious that he is tired of being in his room. We had to let him get to that conclusion on his own, and now that he has, we have to let him work through the process on his own. This is a difficult thing for me, who just wants to grab him and kiss him and smoosch on him every time I see him fight back his fear and make a brave move. I do resist though. I say hi to him if we accidentally cross paths, then I get about my business and let him get about his own.

I’m making assumptions here, but I think in order to get fully acclimated, he needs to feel that he can be independent and make his own choices as to how he interacts within the confines of our weird little society.

It’s lonely in that room most of the time, and he really really loves affection, so our plan was always to visit him a little to entice him and then leave him wanting for more with the end result hopefully being him leaving the room to join the rest of us. Moon’s ability to move about freely has helped the situation a lot. There’s nothing better to instill confidence in a fearful cat than seeing another of his own kind  venture off into the unknown and come back later unscathed and happy.

That he has switched gears from fearful feral to confident explorer means the journey to spoiled housecat is almost at its end.

What a journey it’s been. For the both of us. For Moon too. For him to have a cat companion versus being fearful of every cat he sees is a big step for a neurotic nervous cat. As a family, my husband included, we’ve all grown exponentially during this process, and the power of patience, love, and physical affection has never been more abundantly clear.


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