Satisfied, I think…


Moon has been a real booger lately. I can say though that his allergy issues have started to diminish. I’m pretty sure it was just the just the beef and unidentified meat by-products in the canned food they got as a treat, but I am going to stay the course with the other changes I made as well, including:

  1. New Catsby food bowls. They really like these bowls.
  2. No more harsh cleaning chemicals (Bleach and Floor cleaners mostly.) I switched to Rescue for cleaning/disinfecting the floors. It kills everything we could possibly drag in from the garden (for Rupert’s FIV) and it has no perfume or harsh chemicals (for Moon.) rescue-rtu-and-wipesI use a stronger 3% hydrogen peroxide to clean the litter boxes.
  3. Free and Clear Laundry products.
  4. More blankets that are washable in case the problem is dust mites, even though I have always vacuumed the furniture weekly.

He is feeling better, and he’s not tearing at himself in itching fury, but he’s still acting like a spoiled brat, and his newest thing is to scratch the bedroom doorframe, which led me to believe that he’s jealous and wants his own room. Now the bedroom has always been his room, but I guess it didn’t have all the accoutrements that Rupert’s room has, until now.

I got a third Catsby bowl, so now he has his own food dish in his room. I bought another Natural Scratch stick and replaced the cardboard scratcher that was in there. He used to like the cardboard, but then he didn’t for no real reason at all. The wood sticks are the favorite. I also put his back-patio-door sunbed in the room so that he’d have a cushy bed on the floor just like Rupert has, though Rupert has taken to using the chairs in his room because the floor is kinda cold no matter how cushy the bed. Not to mention that Moon has my bed and a window to look out, but ok. Perception is everything I suppose, and Moon obviously perceived his room situation as lacking.

Whatever. I have found that attempting to argue and rationalize with them is a futile endeavor and it’s best just to give them things they can perceive as their own and of equal value to the usurper’s stuff.

Moon didn’t even sleep with me at all this weekend. He slept in his own bed, next to his stick, and only ate from his own bowl.

Keeping things comfortable and stress free is really important for old feral cats, so, I’ll do whatever it takes to get a little closer to their idea of utopia.

Moon does not like sharing me though, and I can’t really do anything about that except have separate cuddle time.

Here’s Moon enjoying his. See the bald spot on his thigh, and yes, we have allergies too, so we got rid of the carpet ages ago. I use a Swiffer wet jet, hacked, so that I can use my own cleaning fluid. You can see YouTube for that.



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