A Bowl is A Bowl is A Bowl … NOT



Sick of me writing about cat stuff yet? I didn’t think so. It’s better than writing about not writing or the fact that I should be working on my stagnant manuscript, but at this point, watching paint dry is more interesting, so I painted my kitchen (again) and spent the weekend testing a new cat bowl.

Moon has been very weird with his food lately. Some of it was allergy related and I think we’ve got that under control, but he still scoops his food onto the floor (as does Rupert) and he’s been pacing the feeding station as if he’s contemplating the right angle to approach things. This is new behavior and it got me concerned.

Now if you are anything like me, you have an entire china cabinet dedicated to a whimsical if not obsessive assortment of cat food dishes. I’ve never found much sense in the pet store cat dishes as they always seemed like they were made for gerbils not cats, so most of mine are people dishes and bowls from the thrift store and various other assorted dish selling places. I feed the canned food on salad plates because wet food smeared all over the inside of a bowl is wasteful and disgusting to clean. Tried it. It sucks. Dry food is a different matter.

They get a quarter cup of dry food twice a day for a myriad of reasons.

  1. If I give them any more than that, it winds up all over the place = ANTS.
  2. They do not like previously licked food = RANCID = waste of food. $$$$
  3. They don’t like dirty bowls, so it reminds me to swap them out when they are basically empty. A full bowl just invites neglect.
  4. The food I feed is special calorie dense food that prevents fat cats, crystals, and some other problems, so they don’t need that much sitting out all the time. They never eat all of the 1/4 cup anyway. (Young Again Zero Carb Mature if you’re wondering.)

I’ve got bowls of all shapes and sizes out the whazzoo. Think I’m exaggerating about the china cabinet, then talk to my husband. He’ll give you an earful about cat dishes. Still though, Moon is having issues, so I did some research and decided to try the Catsby bowl.

I do not use plastic. I won’t eat from plastic for many reasons, and I won’t subject the cats to plastic, which just becomes disgusting over time. I prefer glass, ceramic, and stainless steel for their water and food dishes. The Catsby bowl is stainless; it’s shallow, and it has a nice rubber pad to sit on with a convenient thumb hole so you can lift it off the rubber pad.

I wasn’t sure at first because it is so shallow, and I expected food everywhere. Or that they would hate it, so I left the new bowl out along side their old bowls to see which they preferred. At the end of the test days, the new bowl was always empty and the other was not. There was no food on the floor either.

I was skeptical about the whole whisker fatigue thing, but since Moon is easily overstimulated being as neurotic as he is, it might be true at least for him. At the end of the day though, they seem to like the bowls and if eating is more comfortable for them, especially with Rupert’s teeth too, then so be it. They are expensive so I’ll only be buying two, but they are easy to clean and I can’t break them if I drop them, which happens often, which also means they probably won’t need replacements on hand.

My only word of advice is that it says it can hold 1.5 cups of dry food. 1.5 cups of food is too much food for a cat and for the bowl. If you feed a high carb food, you’ll get a fat cat, and you’ll wind up with food on the floor because the bowl is very shallow.  I got mine at Amazon after reading some reviews. I think it might be a win, and my husband will be happy to get rid of the cat china cabinet.



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