And So We Make Ourselves Mental Trying to Figure Shit Out…


57175358Now that we’ve got Rupert’s teeth situation under control and he’s a happy monkey, we can move onto Moon and whatever in fucking hell is going on with his skin. The boy chews the shit outta himself. Anywhere. Any time of the day. He especially likes to get in bed with me in the middle of the night, press himself up against my back, and chew himself until the bed vibrates to the steady sound of snorts and slurping noises. Wit’s end People. Wit’s End.

Even the Benadryl doesn’t seem to be helping other than it makes him sleepy.

The vet said he has greasy waxy ears and that almost always indicates allergies. He always had weepy eyes during the summer months when he was outside, so we figured that continued, but it’s winter. The windows are closed and he’s still not any better; some days he’s worse, and his eyes look like faucets. So now we’ve moved onto detective work, and I am pitifully lacking when it comes to the Sherlock deduction skill set. Not to mention that Moon has a host of other issues that muck up the nice straight line thought process.

  1. He’s neurotic and is prone to balding himself in times of stress.
  2. He may have herpes, which also tends to flare in times of stress.
  3. We are pretty sure he has pollen and mold allergies just from what we saw when he was outside, though that could have been the herpes virus too (weepy eyes, sneezing.)
  4. He’s on a special food to control his cystitis and spectacular stone making abilities, so I am reticent to switch his primary food.

I tried to sit down and quietly twirl a pointy stick around up in my brain matter to help remember if I had changed anything in the last 6 months that could be the cause of his worsening condition. All I came up with was that I added beef to the canned food rotation, and I had switched to that godawful Tidy Cat shit in an attempt to save some $$$. That said, I figured it was a good place to start, so…

  1. I rewashed all bedding, blankets, towels, basically anything they sleep on around the house in a free and clear detergent, and I no longer use dryer sheets on those items.
  2. I disposed of all my floor cleaner and am waiting for a peroxide-based kennel cleaner to come in the mail. I need something strong to keep my hard floors clean that can kill ringworm, parvo, pretty much anything that we could bring in during gardening season that might affect Rupert’s FIV immune system. Bleach is obviously out because it’s fuck-you-to-death-slowly toxic and the smell makes me projectile vomit.
  3. I changed to the unscented walnut litter/mixed with a lower dust clay litter at a 3:1 ratio. Gargantuan improvement there as far as the dust is concerned.
  4. And I’ve stopped feeding the Sheba canned food that they love, specifically the beef, but all varieties because they contain meat-by-products and you don’t know where those came from, so, you know, safe than sorry.
  5. I switched canned food to Merrick Rabbit and Duck pates. Both have chicken in them, so we’ll see. And the duck has carrageenan, which I don’t like, but I might replace that with Ziwipeak venison. I need them to eat it, so we’ll forgo the expensive brushtail and alligator brands for now. I don’t want to switch their dry food yet because it’s a no carb medicinal food. Yeah, I said no carb. Moon is very sensitive to carbs. It uses hydrolyzed pork and sterilized, non nutritive potato starch, which should not cause a problem, but it does have a bit of chicken in it. I figured I would go with the most common allergen first (the beef) for 12 weeks before I eliminate anything else.
  6. Keeping his ears clean is a challenge, but I am being diligent about it along with a daily brushing. His fur is so silky but the air in the house is super dry in the winter and he’s always been a dandruff guy.
  7. And NO. Fleas, mites, and other parasites are not a concern.

He goes to the vet in March, so I’ve got a good 8 to 12 weeks to see what happens before we discuss other options. If anyone out there has an itchy cat and has tips they tried that worked, email me, comment, catch me on Facebook, whatever, I’m open to trying anything that sounds sane at this point.


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  1. I sympathize with you and Rupert! Ask your vet about Cerenia, which originally was an anti-nausea for dogs, but now they are treating cats with for allergies, arthritis and stomach issues because of its amazing anti-inflammatory effects.

    Good luck to you!

  2. Thanks so much for that. If he is still itchy after the 12 week change in diet, then I will ask her about that. Funny thing is, since I cut the beef out, he actually seems better over the last day or so. I’ve always done a rotation diet for them to prevent this issue, and I never fed beef before, but I got a sample and they liked it, so I replaced the fish with beef. Who knew. Apparently lamb is just as bad. It’s the waiting for relief I hate because they look so sad when they are miserable.

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