On to More Mundane Things



Now that the kitties have reached the friendly cohabitation stage with Rupert moving about the house more and more, we can fret less over who’s where and who’s doing what to whom and all that other introduction and integration nonsense. Moon is still chewing at himself, so I have to close the patio curtains at night so he can’t see all the roaming creatures that he perceives to be usurpers because he’s friggin neurotic. We are also trying to get a handle on his allergies, which have become worse of late instead of better; you know: winter. no pollen. no allergies.


So, my thoughts have turned to the kitty litter. I’ll start with the fact that I love and have always used Doc Esley’s Cat Attract. It is THE BEST for training feral cats, but it is expensive. Both Moon and Rupert are box destroyers. Both dig like they are burying a corpse. Both crazy badger-shovel the litter out of the box, and Moon, well Moon can park a turd over the side of any box no matter how high it is. These new boxes I bought are somewhat better, but Moon still manages to piss and shovel shit even through that small entrance. On top of that, toileting has now become some sort of competitive sport between the two of them. Before Rupert, Moon only peed once a day, and only did the big stank every other day. Now, every box is totally devastated at least twice a day. It’s exasperating. So I switched to a cheaper litter. Tidy Cat. Huge mistake. All the varieties are scented and unbelievably dusty. My entire house was covered in a layer of white cementitious  film that defied even my most obsessive cleaning efforts.  I have several boxes, and cleaning them was exactly like cleaning work buckets of grout that had gone off.


Moon’s eyes started watering like faucets as well because he too became covered in that same film.


So now we are on the lookout and trying some other alternatives. I switched to the Doc Esley’s Respiratory clay litter, and I am currently mixing that with Naturally Fresh Walnut and World’s Best Corn. Both are light and track a bit. Both are a little dusty but better than most clay litters. The dust and tracking seem mitigated if I mix them with a little Doc Esley’s respiratory clay. If the scent was an issue, then this should fix Moon’s problem. If the clay dust is the issue, then I’ll eventually have to phase the clay out as we see how things progress. Right now my ratio is 2:1:0.5  Walnut, Corn, Clay respectively. The Worlds Best smells terrible, but if it’s mixed with something else, the stench seems to go away, and even though there’s dust with the walnut, it doesn’t seem to get out of the box much when mixed with the small amount of clay. I am leery of the Worlds Best because corn is hyper allergenic, is prone to aflatoxin, and can attract rodents and bugs, so we’ll see. Wheat is even worse for allergies, so, no wheat and certainly no pine. As a ferret caretaker for twenty years, we were always warned of the phenols in pine bedding and litter, so I will continue to avoid it. Then there are the reviews of Worlds Best, which amount to love it or hate it, my favorite review being this one over at The Reluctant Cat Owner. CatInfo.org also has some nice litter trial testimony as well. So far, people seem to like the walnut. My guys certainly do. We’ll see how the trials go after a few months and a few more brands. I did want to try wood, sans the pine, and grass too, but I need to do some more research. Until then…

Happy Scooping.


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