Rupert’s Birthday and a Dental Update


tumblr_nw9nq9dwrp1ubsftao1_500This time, Rupert did not go quietly to the good vet’s office. Saturday, I thought I had him and then he jumped out of the tub, at which point I had to chase him around the room for 15 minutes, tripping over furniture all the while. I got him back in the tub, but that was only because he gave up after realizing the futility in his effort. I got a good workout though, and he did not void his bowels during the car ride this time, so that’s something.

His teeth are healing just fine, so after a quick 10 minute exam, he was back in the car and then home in no time flat.

Forgiveness and trust are not easy things for feral cats, so now we are working through the setback. He wanted nothing to do with me Saturday, and he cringed every time I came into the room on Sunday. He even tried to hide in his litter box once, but I promptly extricated him and put him back in his bed because I will not allow that level of fear and timidity to overtake him again. Moon was in the other cat bed, so eventually, he settled down and went to sleep.

He’s still not sure, but he’s letting me touch his belly and play with him, though if I stand up, he gets nervous. Hopefully he won’t have to go back to the vet for at least six months  so we can just get on with his home acclimation routine. He’s still got a long way to go before he’s behaving like a real house cat, but we’ll get there.

It’s hard to believe that it’s his one year indoor cat anniversary. The year just flew by, and when I look back on how he was when we first brought him in, I’m astounded by the progress he’s made. The vet’s office loves him. He’s such a gentle, sweet soul. So is Moon, and I’m often told that I have a way about me that just attracts the shy ones in need. Maybe I do; I don’t know. I just help the ones who ask for it. I have taken care of many cats over the years, and only two asked to come inside. I spent a great deal of time with them as well, enough to determine that their personalities would be compatible with coming inside. Some cats are better left where they are, and after twenty years, I think I am a pretty good judge when it comes to which ones should be left alone.

So happy birthday Rupert. We love you so much, and whatever time you have left will be full of comfort, and cuddles, and joy.


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