Rupert Dental Update


Tim Burton - Cheshire Cat - Disney

I was worried about Rupert on Thursday — the day after the surgery — because all the anesthesia and pain meds really knocked him down. He was so scared and depressed. I was really scared actually.

I kept him sequestered in the room Thursday through Sunday, and he was eating just baby food. Even the canned cat food was too much for him. It needed to be super creamy so he could just lick it. He got Buprenex  mixed with Nutrical by mouth twice a day on Thursday and Friday. We switched to the Buprenex by ear Friday evening.

Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, I let him out to be with Moon at night because he was much brighter and calmer. I hid the kibble in my bedroom so he wouldn’t be tempted to pick at it. Soft food only for 7 days. Moon had to wake me up to eat, but I just dealt with it. Rupert also fought the meds something serious, so I barely got it on his ear once a day, if that.

Wednesday, yesterday, I didn’t give him any pain medication at all. He wouldn’t let me, and he refused the baby food and ate all his regular canned cat food instead, so I let him out of the room as he wished. I also left the kibble down and he ate quite a bit of that during the day and night with no trouble at all, which is just as well since the baby food was starting to constipate him. Damn corn starch. I like the baby food without it, but it was too grainy and difficult for him to lick, so I had no choice but to use the one with corn starch. Thank goodness it was temporary. Next time I am going to do like I did for the ferrets: grind up the kibble to powder, mix it with the baby food, and heat it up a bit. The kibble prevents hairballs and constipation, so that should help in the future.

Today, he’s acting like nothing happened, maybe even a little happier than he has been. Moon is also happy to have his sleep and window watching buddy back too. It’s been years since Rupert’s been relatively pain-free. We knew he wasn’t hunting and that he was having trouble when he was outside, but we didn’t know why and couldn’t do anything for him then, since he was so skittish. To see him feeling so much better and comfortable now brings a tear to my eye. The tooth resorption is progressive, so he may have problems again, but we know what it is now, so we can deal with it before it gets really bad the next time.

We go back to the vet on Saturday so they can check the sutures and make sure that he is healing without issue. He won’t be happy with the car ride, but hopefully all will be well and we won’t have to see the vet again for 6 months.


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