Moon’s Trip to His New Vet



I spent the spring months interviewing new veterinary hospitals because the one I’d gone to for thirty years with my ferrets had just become unbearable and callous in their treatment, often lying about protocols and products, giving injections without my consent (specifically antibiotics) and attempting to force me to purchase prescriptions foods despite my well documented concerns about the side effects. When I would refuse, the doctor would simply get rude. Rupert’s first visit was a complete disaster and a joke. They just wanted to inject him and get him out of there and yet charge me for a level of treatment he did not receive. They wouldn’t even help me remove a huge blood engorged tick that was in plain view, telling me, “Don’t worry, it will drop off.” Yes, in my fucking house, and if it had been a female dog tick, it could lay eggs and infest my house. But they wouldn’t have know that because they didn’t even look at it. Then the doctor became incensed and rude and told me to back off when attempting to get Rupert onto the exam table. She got scratched and it served her right. I know what I am doing with feral cats. I came in full riot gear with anti-bite gloves and safety glasses so that I could do all the holding and maneuvering, but no, she thought she was some kind of cat whisperer or something and then got mad when she got scratched. Then she jacked him up on vaccines without even asking me which ones I felt were appropriate other than the rabies. She didn’t give Moon half the shots she gave Rupert, but this is what happens when big medicine takes over a small practice. Anyway… I’m done with them.

I found a new vet on recommendation, so I called them and was surprised that they would take time out of their schedule to let me interview them and get a tour of facility. They spent an hour with me. I was so impressed that I promptly scheduled Moon’s visit. He went there over the weekend for his checkup and bloodwork, and I went home relieved and happy that he had such a good experience. They are a very feral friendly vet practice and have two currently living there as permanent residents because they are too feral to adopt. Now that says something.

We talked about food and the carb connection to Moon’s urinary tract issues, which he has not suffered from in 4 years since I put him on a no-grain/low carb/meat based diet. My other vet wouldn’t hear anything about it except what the food rep told her. The new vet also researched the non-adjuvant 3 year rabies vaccine I had mentioned and offered to order it instead of the yearly booster, which I prefer. My old vet lied and was using a 3 year vaccine with an adjuvant despite my concerns and a large body of research against it. Basically the new vet was up front about titre costs and everything.

We talked about Moon’s seasonal allergies and his over-grooming, which she said to keep spraying the area with bitter apple but not to worry too much as he isn’t doing it to the point of creating wounds. Some of it, and his aggression towards Rupert, is stress related and perfectly natural for all cats especially ex-ferals. She said they are not attempting to kill each other, and that occasional smacking and hissing is perfectly normal and she sees no reason to medicate Moon beyond the l-tryptophan chews that work for him. Rupert does better on the l-theanine ones. She said the minor irritation Moon feels at the moment will fade if we intervene as we have been in keeping everyone calm, like separate feeding and cuddling times so no one feels like they are not getting their share and their space.

They took Moon’s blood, and they listened to me when I told them the best how and where so that it was a quick no-stress procedure. We both left relaxed and very satisfied, dignity in tact.

Rupert is scheduled for October 28th. He will be more difficult since he’s just getting used to being handled. I’m crate training him now so that he’s used to it by the time we go. I’ll be glad when he gets the medical treatment he deserves, especially his teeth. I’ll let you know what happens. All is well for now and I think the two of them were even playing for a bit last night.


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