Living with Anxiety Cat



Or smelled in this case…

I used to think that Moon was just a timid cat, but now that I have been able to see him next to another cat, my thinking on that has changed. I mean, Moon came right up to us and told us that he wanted to be in our family. It took 2 years of work, but he made the move. Rupert, on the other hand, could not make that move because he is truly timid, but he’s not nervous. Moon is nervous, fidgety, and neurotic, but not timid.

Now that Rupert is moving about the house, nothing really stops him from doing so other than big hulking creature noise and commotion. US. He doesn’t hide in his room and pick at himself or hiss or get weird. He goes in there and goes to sleep when he doesn’t want to be underfoot. Even when Moon gets rude, he just brushes it off.

Moon, in comparison, is a high-strung neurotic freak cat, and last night he took it out on Rupert quite viciously. I was not happy.

Moon gets panic attacks, which lead to cystitis and aggressive behavior. Normally this means chewing the fur off of himself and hissing and growling at anything that passes by the window. Spring and Fall are particularly bad times because we open the windows and he can smell every creature near and far, including other cats. We had to stop feeding the community cats because it upsets Moon too much that his territory might be compromised, but even though we don’t feed, the woods behind our house are still prime hunting grounds and we currently have a large grey tabby in our yard on the regular. Moon hates him.  Last night, once it got dark, the smells overtook him and he panicked to the point where he went into Rupert’s room and attacked him. It wasn’t as bad as I think it was. Just some in your face smacking, but the good thing was, Rupert smacked him back. And mommy freaked out. Redirected aggression is something to freak out about.

I guided Moon out of the room with my disappointed voice while he hissed at me the entire time. I shut him up in the bedroom while I went in and comforted Rupert. He got over it quick and went off to explore the house. I gave Moon a calming chew and kept him shut up in with me until he calmed down. At midnight I had to close the windows because of the skunk, and once the windows were closed, everything went back to normal. I didn’t hear anymore scuffling for the remainder of the night.

Moon goes to the vet on Saturday. It’s a new vet, so we’ll see what we can do to mitigate his anxiety. I really don’t want to put him on kitty Prozac because pilling him will cause him even more anxiety, but I can’t have him taking his anxiety out on Rupert either. The last thing I need is an anxious cat and a terrorized cat. And no, I won’t be using the holistic stuff because it doesn’t do shit for Moon when he gets like this.  I’ve tried it all.


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