Mind The Gap


The shrinking cat gap, that is.


This was a midnight shot from last night. Moon didn’t wake me up like he usually does, and when that happens, it means he is contented and sound asleep somewhere else. So I snuck out, grabbed the camera, pointed , and shot into the darkness.

Rupert moves about the house freely during the day and at night when the house is quiet. He doesn’t like a lot of commotion. He didn’t like it outside and he doesn’t like it inside. That’s OK though because at least I know he’s not trapped in his room. If he wishes to interact and exercise his curiosity, it’s his decision, not ours anymore. We figure it will take another year for him to acclimate to the house fully. The fact that he is taking the opportunity to acclimate himself when he feels comfortable means that he is almost there. 9.5 Months to get from cat you couldn’t get near to marshmallow puuurcolator couch cat. I do regret not trapping him sooner, but we were worried about Moon…

Though it seems Moon has finally got himself adjusted to the idea as well, even if he does stalk Rupert from time to time still.

One more so you can see Moon’s belly.



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