Incremental Changes …


Yeah, we had more of those this weekend.


It’s become apparent that Rupert no longer wants to be in his safe room all of the time, so, I decided that instead of incremental changes that I would just go for it and return the Library/Den back into a Library/Den versus a cat room. Of his own free will, he is attempting to acclimate himself to the rest of the house and I felt that having the room be as it should be would help him progress from “floor cat” to “everywhere cat.” I’ve been moving towards that for the last couple of months anyway, so really, not much changed.

  1. I took the second circle bed, de-haired and cleaned it, and put it in the bedroom, back in the corner he likes to hide out in when he accidentally finds himself spooked and in that room. That way he will have something familiar in the room and hopefully it will be more appealing than hiding under the bed, which is Moon’s go-to spot;
  2. I moved the scratching post from in front of the litterbox to a spot closer to the door, where Moon actually prefers it for entry marking;
  3. I moved the carrier behind one of the chairs in the hope that I can direct him into it easier if it feels like a true hiding spot; and,
  4. I finally have my end table back and a place to put my drink when I am in there with him.

He had been eating from the station in the dining room, and Moon seems to be pretty good about sharing, except at canned food time. I tried on Saturday, but Moon just chased Rupert out of the room. Apparently, canned food must be eaten leisurely and by oneself, so I think I’m going to keep food in the den and feed them their canned food separately for a while still. When they were outside, I always had to feed all the cats in separate spots around the garden to keep them from fighting, so we’ll let them tell me when that isn’t an issue anymore.

Last night Rupert kept peeking out of the doorway as he waited patiently for me to go to bed and turn all the lights off. He eventually had enough of being patient and came out anyway and we ended up passing each other in the hallway, which was extraordinarily brave for him. I didn’t reach for him or anything. I wanted to let him know that he can go about his business without someone attempting to molest his personage all of the time. I need him to be with Moon so that Moon can teach him that the hustle and bustle of the house is nothing to worry about. They trust their own kind first and foremost, so Moon really is a valuable asset. Even when he’s being a turd.

Speaking of Moon, I couldn’t find him this morning until I thought of our little ferret Baldrick who would often bring us to hysterics by hiding in places he had never looked twice at before. Sure enough, Moon had found the spare circle bed in that quiet corner of the bedroom never visited by him until now. He was sound asleep in the circle bed, obviously very proud of himself that he had discovered a new secret space. He’s helping too even if he doesn’t know it. His scent on the cat bed shows Rupert that it’s a safe place to be. It’s that safety stink. Just like our own human beds. It’s the smell of comfort.


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