I Now Have Proof…



That Rupert is roaming the house during the daytime too. He peed in one of the other litterboxes yesterday. How do I know this? I scoop all the boxes before I leave for work, so I know they are all clean, and Rupert and Moon pee very differently. Moon’s is always this sticky blob stuck to the front inside of the box. Rupert makes these lovely little round balls in the middle of the box. Yes, I watch them pee because getting urine samples for the Vet takes some strategic planning. It pays to plan your approach. Anyway, there was a pee ball in one of the boxes on the other side of the house when I got home from work, and the box in Rupert’s room was still clean even though he was in there when I got home.

He’s sneaky. Because he’s timid.

We knew that allowing him to roam at night under the cover of darkness would allow him to acclimate himself to the house in a way that made him feel more relaxed. Then, we hoped, once he got his scent elsewhere in the house and thus made peace with Moon, he would be brave enough to venture out in the daylight since he had already conquered his fear of the unknown. Our assumption was correct.

When you read cat rehabilitation articles, you often come across the adage that you need to allow the cat to proceed at their own pace in their own way, which is why I am so glad that we knew Rupert for many years before we attempted this. After 8 years of feeding and watching him, with Moon and by himself, we knew he preferred the night and was prone to hiding during the day, but could be coaxed out with food and friendly overtures. We also knew that he was timid and wary of other cats but not aggressive towards other cats. His shyness also stifled his ability to communicate with us. He wanted help from us, but was too fearful to ask for it until we coaxed it out of him. Now he just wants to roll around on the floor with you, get belly rubs, and lick you to death. I can deal with that.


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