So How did Rupert’s Night Adventure Week Go?


I think it went pretty darn well. He seems to find the sofa irresistible for sleeping, but last night he was on the ottoman for a bit, though I’m sure Moon wasn’t happy about it.

Moon has been dealing surprisingly well with the idea of another cat being in his space. No issues at all so far, but I think Moon is the opposite of Rupert in that he loses his bravery at night. He does practice avoidance by sneaking into bed with me periodically throughout the night, but most nights he grooms and fiddles so much that I have to throw him out. My husband thinks that Moon’s harassment of Rupert is due in part to their schedules being different. Moon is truly crepuscular and gets rambunctious at dusk and dawn just like my ferrets did, where for feral cat safety reasons, Rupert adapted to a truly nocturnal lifestyle when he was outside. So Moon can come on strong when it’s his playtime, which is not Rupert’s. I’m sure they will get in synch eventually.

During the week, Rupert had been going back to the den throughout the night to eat and use the facilities, up until last night. He finally, to much relief, found one of the other boxes and used that instead. He’s also been eating out of Moon’s food dish in the dining room. Thursday morning they even had their canned breakfast in the dining room together without any issue. I went to feed Moon and Rupert just showed up, so I fed him too. Ideally, I would like their dishes side by side in the dining room. Mostly to keep the ants contained to one area of the house.

Rupert’s also been exploring the travel crate bed I made for him, which is good because I need to get him ready for a vet visit in December or January, and the more he gets used to the crate just being there, the better and easier it will be to get him into it.

In the morning, Rupert eventually goes back to the safety of his room when we start making noise in the kitchen, but every day it takes him a longer and longer amount of time before he bolts.

All in all, I would say everything is going splendidly. I’m over my anxiety about the situation, so now I can let things happen without panicking. I had said that my estimate was 1 year before Rupert would be moving about the house freely, and we are right on track at 9.5 months. I’m hoping, as things progress, that Moon’s anxiety levels will diminish as well and he will stop licking himself bald, though some of that is allergies right now. He’s always had bad seasonal allergies, even when he was a feral cat. This year has been particularly horrible.



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