So This Wonderfulness Happened Last Night…



This is night two of leaving Rupert’s door open. Tuesday night, the first night, he only ventured into the hallway and took a drink from the water dish there, but last night was a whole different ballgame.

We played a little bit before bed, just the two of us, then I left the room with the door half-way open and went to bed. Moon came in and joined me around 11:00 PM, and shortly after, I heard a rustling, so I went to check on the sound and found Rupert in the dining room, lying in front of the patio door, as cats are wont to do at night. It’s a nice view, so I can’t blame them. I didn’t disturb him; I just crept down the hall and went back to bed.

Moon woke me at 1:30 AM as he is wont to do. We have an arrangement. He’s allowed to wake me up once at which time I pee and then walk him to his food bowl.

I was concerned because Rupert was in the dining room only hours before, but he was MIA at that point. Sooooo, I got a flashlight, and low and behold, he was sleeping on the sofa. On the me and Moon blanket. I quick grabbed the camera and literally pointed into the dark. I’m surprised the picture came out at all.

Moon did reach a paw up to swat Rupert right after I took the picture, after I fumbled and turned the light on. Rupert just leaned back with a, “Ugh” and a “Git you fuckwit. You’re so annoying. Hey lady, why’s he so annoying?”

I gave Moon his daddy blanket (my husband’s TV blanket), settled him in on the loveseat, and nervously went back to bed. My anxiety kept me up for a while, and I heard Rupert come back to the room twice to eat and go to the bathroom  as he hasn’t found the other boxes yet. Aside from that, nothing happened. I was expecting a snarling hyena meltdown, but again, that’s my anxiety, not theirs.

I had to overcome my fear of the door being open before they could overcome theirs. Now we can get Rupert out of his box and work on building a family.

Rupert was back in his room in his bed this morning, but when I left for work, Moon was in there with him. I like progress, even if I have to lose a little sleep.

And yes, that’s a picture of Rupert on the mantle. Moon is in the one next to it, but you can’t see him.


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