Feral Redux – Rupert 8 Months


rup1Not really much going on with Rupert and Moon at 8 months. Still slow progress. Moon seems to have stopped smacking Rupert for the time being, though he still stares at him and stalks him.

We’ve gone gate free now. Moon just kept jumping over them anyway, so it was pointless and more opportunity for someone to hurt themselves. So back in the attic they went. I still don’t let Moon do as he pleases at night, so in lieu of the gates, I keep the door cracked with a door stop.  They can touch noses and exchange paws etc. but they can’t squeeze in or out of the room. Not until everyone is behaving themselves. (Mostly Moon)rup2

I do allow Rupert to wander in the early evening if he wants to. After I’ve had my hour or so with Rupert, Moon is usually on the sofa with me, and I keep the lights off while we watch TV, so Rupert, under the cover of darkness, has wandered out into the foyer twice to spy on us. It’s pretty cute when he’s being brave. The second time it happened, Moon saw him and chased him back into the room. Rupert has to learn to take a stand. Moon won’t hurt him. There’s no hissing or snarling or fighting. Moon actually likes to play chase. He liked doing that with us when he was outside, and he still likes it, so I think he wants Rupert to play too. Although, when they were outside together, Rupert never wanted to play with Moon then and he probably still doesn’t. He’s a very mellow cat. Chase is not his thing and neither is exuberance. Moon is very exuberant at times.

Sorry for the moody film-grade grainy pictures. I have to use my tablet when we are that close because the camera scares him, and, that room has very subdued lighting.


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