Things I Like Today…



Watched this last night. I’d forgotten how much I enjoy John Goodman, and it was the kind of subtle thriller I like, that is until it took a hard 180 into a completely different genre. It was interesting, and I enjoyed it very much. It’s PG-13 so there isn’t too much gore either.


This is on my “Music I Never Get Sick Of” list. I think I have two of their albums that made the cut. This one is their debut and is excellent front to back.


And then there’s Pete the one-eyed frog. I got a pic of his good side. He is so happy with his modified pond kingdom that he never strays very far from it. I’ve been collecting worms and adding them into the container garden part of it. They provide aeration and fertilization to the soil, plus, frogs love to eat worms. Next year all the plants should be big and lush so there won’t be so much exposed soil around the water container. Frogs like moist dense cover. I’ve provided that with some water lettuce pictured above, which I am going to try to overwinter in the house. I have a few empty fish bowls that will do. They reproduce so prolifically that I only need to overwinter two rosettes. Next year I am planning a Cherry Shrimp micro-habitat for the other fish bowl I have. It’s a planted bowl with Java Fern and Anubius barteri. The resident fish is a celestial pearl danio and it’s at the end of its life span. His tank mate passed last week after 3 years or so with us.  I’ve always been a fish person, my biggest tank ever was a nice 55, but we got rid of that a few years ago because taking care of it was eating up too much of my time, and after 20 years of fish-keeping, I wanted to go small and low tech. We’ve had bettas and guppies over the years too. I really enjoy the heavily planted micro and nano setups, but, I fell in love with the shrimp and want to get away from fish for a while.


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