The Great Culling


I recently finished the culling of my CD collection. I donated about 75-100 CDs to Goodwill between December and now. Most people would be horrified at this, but I don’t like clutter. Well, that’s not true; I like certain kitschy clutter, but not other kinds of unnecessary dust collecting. So there’s that, and, things have changed over the last decade or so. I rarely buy albums anymore. I have to like every single song, or at least 95% of the album, before I will pick up a hard copy. I do the same with books now. I only buy collector editions or vintage books. I am digital for everything else, and for music, I listen to the radio at work and Pandora at home most of the time, so that just leaves the CDs for my morning commute because I loathe morning radio chatter.

So what did I get rid of? Mostly nostalgia from my childhood, which sounds really horrible to me now. Then there was the stuff I listened to because I was dating so and so or it was popular at the time, think the horribleness of the 80s and you’ll get the picture.

It was very unburdening. I hate holding onto things, physically and metaphorically.

So what did I keep? The music I never seem to tire of …



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