Itty Bitty Steps and Itty Bitty Updates


Just a few updates from this weekend, most notably, Rupert’s sudden willingness to engage full-frontal. Since he started allowing me to pet him while eating, he’s had a complete shift in attitude about approaching me and engaging me directly. He’ll get out of the bed during a petting session; move to the middle of room; and stare at me until I get down on the floor with him to play. Some nights, we all just hang out in the room together, Moon included.

Over the weekend, I caught Moon in the room several times curled up on the floor as close as he could possibly get to Rupert without being in the bed with him. They’ve also been touching noses a lot, and they have been conversing regularly at the gate during the night. So much so that I leave the door open now. Next month, I’ll move down to one gate at night, and then in September, hopefully we will be done with the gates entirely. They can interact completely during the day without the gates, but nighttime for cats brings out their nervous territorial side, so that’s why we’ve still been gating Rupert in at night. He feels more comfortable with them up and so does Moon, but that is changing quickly.

I’m also trying Yucca Intensive for Moon’s over-grooming situation. Some of it is his allergies and the other part is his neurotic brain. He scratches from the allergies, but then he can’t stop scratching until his hair is gone. The yucca is supposed to have anti-histamine properties and it’s one tiny drop in his food twice a day, which he hasn’t noticed. So we’ll see. I’ve got to get him to stop because he ingesting so much hair that he’s been throwing up hairballs once a week for the last two weeks. My cats don’t throw up, hairballs or otherwise, so this isn’t right. I’ll let you know if there is any improvement. I will always try a holistic approach before attempting harder medication.

As for Pete the Frog, he’s pretty happy in his little kingdom, but he is a wanderer though. I went out to add a bit more water to his little pond and he was just standing in the mulch looking at me. He goes on walkabout every night for the entire night, but he always manages to find his way back home.

So happy Monday. A friend sent me this video and I think I laughed for hours. Enjoy.



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