Happenings … Soft, Luxurious, Belly Happenings



Moon is pretty much business cat when it comes to his nipple area. You may admire the belly, but try to touch it and you get to meet ninja-horror-movie-slasher cat. You will lose skin. A lot of it. I know this because Moon is a tease. He loves to expose his belly all cute and seductive like, and I simply can’t resist the urge. Sometimes if he is really zonked, I can sneak a few pets and kiss in there before he notices. This always results in serious side-eye from him, to which I just say, “Ha ha. Gotcha.”

I was expecting the same from Rupert, being feral and anxious and all that, but as I was giving him his nightly massage Saturday night, I accidentally grazed his side belly. I was ready to recoil in order to preserve mah digits, but he turned more on his side and licked my hand. So I stroked a little more and then he flipped all the way over on his back with his feet in the air and said “No. Do all the white parts lady. All. Of. It.”

So I did. For a half an hour while he snored and drooled. We did the same Sunday night and Monday night. He also started letting me pet him while he eats. It’s very brave to expose yourself like that in the feral cat world, but I guess some things just feel too good.

I have a belly cat. Who’da thunk it. Look at that belly too. Yes, he’s a very big, old cat. He looks fat here because of the angle, but he isn’t.



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