Rupert Shows Himself…


Every day is different. Every day is an inch forward. If we show them how.


Today, Rupert decided to stay out in the open as I swept the carpet and cleaned the litterbox. He also let me pet him again while he was eating his breakfast. I left the one gate up so that Moon wouldn’t harass him since he seemed to want to move around the room freely this morning.

When I went back in to collect his breakfast plate, he was still out, so I laid down on the floor and said, “hi.”

He said, “Hi” back when he came up to me and attempted to head butt me. He ended up sniffing my hair instead, but progress is progress. Then he flopped down in front of me and showed me his belly. I’m generally screaming, “Squeeeeeeeeee!” in these moments, but I keep it inside and try to stay as calm as possible so I don’t freak him out with my joy.

This is the first time he came to me for affection, and boy does he love affection. He’ll shove his face into your hand if you’re not getting all the spots.

I think eventually he is going to be a luv-bug like Moon.

The other thing that’s great about retired feral cats is that they don’t try to escape. They’ve been outside. They know its level of suckage, and so they generally have no interest in it beyond looking out the window. Moon backs away when we open the door that’s how much he wants no part of it. So all that hype about feral cats being happier outside is quite the crock of shit. It depends on the cat and how hard they had it in the wild. You can break through even to the most shy ferals. Kindness, understanding, and patience. 7 months folks. We’ve come so far in seven months with a cat who wanted nothing to do with people.


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