Feral Redux – Rupert, 7 months


69093267Time really does move quick when you’re not paying attention to it. It’s been 7 months since we trapped Rupert and retired him as a feral cat. Seven months. And for the last month we’ve been gate free during the day so that Moon can visit and Rupert can explore the quiet house if he chooses to do so. He has been, tentatively, exploring the bedroom across the hall, but mid-way through his bravery, his brain gets spooked and he panics and runs back to the safety of his room. At least he has established a safe room, so that’s something.

Moon isn’t smacking him anymore either, though if Rupert is moving about the room and Moon sees him, he pretend stalks him. He really wants Rupert to play with him. He used to do the same to Rupert when they were both outside, but Rup is a really mellow cat. Even when he was frightened to death during the first month, he never lashed out. He’s just mellow through and through. Moon is mellow too, but he does like to play on occasion, so we’ll have to monitor that situation to make sure that Moon isn’t getting too pushy.

Aside from that, we’ve started to transition the room back to library versus cat room. Not much really changed, but I took the sheet cover and blankets off the rug, put the blinds back on the window, and put the ottoman back in the room. The only thing missing is the end table under the window, but it’s still a hiding area there so we’ll wait a few more months for that. As for the carpet, Rupert loves the litter box. He’s a digger. So after 7 months, I’m not worried about an accident on the carpet, and I can roll it up to take it to another room for periodic vacuuming. It’s low pile, so I can use the dust pan most of the time. We’ll also keep feeding Rupert in the room  for now since he hasn’t fully made his way around the house yet and we don’t want food aggression between the two of them. Not that it’s happened, but Rupert had his food taken from him all the time when he was outside, so, there’s that anxiety to be mitigated still. He needs a food bowl in a space he has of his own. They will both continue to have their own feeding stations, but I would eventually like to do that in the same room so that I can contain the food mess to one room and thus only have to battle the ants in one room.

I’m hoping that Rupert will have conquered the house by the end of the year, but that’s really up to him. The library/den is roomy and comfortable, so if he feels safe there, well, it’s a hell of a lot better than outside. No bugs. No life threatening weather. No other animals attacking him and stealing his food. Plus soft beds and cuddles. I’d stay in that room all the time if I could, so if his pace is slow, I don’t care. He’s safe and healthy in his senior years. That’s all I’ve ever cared about. He has to go back to the vet in November, so I’ve got to get him ready for that.


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