Hot Summer Days and Updates


No news is good news with the kitties. Things have been fairly mellow between Rupert and Moon, though Moon’s stress level is way up and he’s licked almost all the hair off his side and one knee. It will pass eventually. Once he convinces himself that Rupert isn’t a secret threat and that Rupert isn’t going anywhere. Moon is a very stressy cat, always has been. We treat him for the cystitis that comes and goes, but I’d rather not put him on mood altering drugs if I can help it, so we’ll see what a few more months brings.

I worked on the micro-frog pond this weekend. Someone was still knocking the water clover pot over and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out who it was. I thought it was the deer drinking out of it, or maybe still the raccoon, but they trample and smash things and the garden around the pond would have had signs of them. Nothing.


Saturday morning I discovered the culprit. Moon and I slept in a bit with the window open. I awoke to a clamor. The pond was covered in birds, and apparently, they thought the mini pond was a birdbath, fell in, and thrashed about thus knocking over the water clover.

So, I re-potted it in a heavier clay pot; then I went to the pet store to see if I could find something that would help the situation should it happen again. I wound up with some FB_IMG_1466426783483grape-vine, a few toadstools, and a miniature creeping geranium. The pond is actually surrounded by Herb Robert, which is dense and why the frogs love it.

I even have led lights to attract bugs at night.


It’s so serene that I wish I was small enough to sit under one of those toad stools and stare at the pond all day.

Now we just await the frogs.



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