The Menace that is The Spray Bottle


Moon was relatively nice over the weekend. Relatively. He only got sprayed once and it was a good one. He stayed away from Rupert for most of the day on Sunday because of the insulting wetness.

The trouble seems to occur mostly in the morning. Maybe that’s because I keep them separated at night because Rupert is still very skittish and I feel it better if he gets a few hours of alone time where he can eat and play and wander the room without anyone hulking over him. Moon hulks more than we do, and everyone needs a quiet break from time to time. So maybe Moon’s excitement level is just beyond mortal control in the morning. That’s my theory, but I really don’t know.


Today, Moon just meat-loafed in front of Rupert for a few minutes before retreating to his chair. When he’s being really nice, it seems as if he is trying to show Rupert how to play with things, like in this picture.

It’s hard to believe it’s been six months since we trapped Rupert. He has come a long way, but he has an even longer way to go. He can’t stay in the den forever. It’s a bit messy, and eventually, I would like my library back to normal. As you can see, I have sheets and blankets clipped to the carpet. I can’t vacuum in their yet, so the sheet and blankets make it easier to keep the rug clean and free of cat hair and litter. I launder them every couple of weeks, but it’s not attractive at all. Just practical. Rupert is a very messy eater. I think it’s because he’s missing a lot of teeth, and as a result, he scatters food all over the place.

Food all over the place = Ants.

I don’t want the rug covered in kibble crumb dust and ants.


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