Handsome Boy …



I was able to get a close-up last night with my tablet. Sorry for the low light but I didn’t want to use the real camera as the flash upsets him. I was actually only a few inches away.

Last night was interesting.

I was lying on the floor at the foot of the chair Rupert’s in, and Moon was across the room in the orange bed when Rupert stood up on his tippy toes to get a better view of the food dish. Then he jumped down and went over to eat.

He jumped off the chair. While I was right there.

He jumped over me.

I love when he gets brave. After he ate, with Moon staring at him the entire time, he made his way back to the tan bed via his secret route behind the chairs.

It was a nice evening together, but then Moon had to ruin everything this morning with his mean douchiness.

Rupert was in the orange bed this morning. The same bed Moon was using last night, and so the “you took my seat” altercation began, only this time, Moon was quite vicious in my opinion. I had to throw a toy at him, but I’m afraid that next time, the water bottle will have to come out.

This selfishness is intolerable. I don’t like the water bottle and prefer to only use it as a last resort, but I will be keeping it at the ready just in case.

The only good thing is that Rupert is standing his ground. He cowers. He cries out. But he doesn’t move. So Moon doesn’t win. Moon’s forced to reassess his position and go find another spot to park his ornery ass. I guess eventually the perceived threat to his things will pass once he gets the ideas of abundance and sharing through his noggin, but until then, I am going to have to interject when things get out of hand.


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