A Mentor and A Little Bravery


Normal evening routine: get home from work, scoop litterboxes, feed everyone their canned treat, then either go for a walk (weather permitting) or run on the treadmill. Yesterday I did all those things, and when I came back downstairs to clean up the cat plates — we have ants — I found this.


In the chair.


He was there when I left for work this morning as well.

We have two chairs in the room, but that’s the one that Moon normally crashes in when he is in there visiting. He wasn’t at the time, and this is really really good for a number of reasons:

  1. It’s combining the scents to make one big communal colony scent: ours, Moon’s and Rupert’s;
  2. Rupert is getting more confident by the day and willing to try new things; and,
  3. He’s learning by example. He’s seen Moon sleep in the chair and so he felt it was safe to try. We are hoping in the next month or so that he will follow Moon’s lead and decide to jump the gate and take a tour of the house.

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