Moon is a Sneaky One


fb_img_1462209323735.jpgHe’s been jumping the gate so that he can hang out with Rupert. Despite the recent shows of animosity and attempted intimidation on his part, which I know is simply fear of this alleged territorial usurper, he is making the conscious choice to jump the gate and be in close proximity to a potential enemy, or maybe … Moon has finally realized that Rupert might be a potential friend instead.

I do get nervous when he does it, but I refrain from interference. I stay out of sight and just listen quietly for any signs of actual fighting. There hasn’t been any. Moon jumps the gate, wanders around the room sniffing things for a bit, plays with some of the toys, scratches the stick or the scratch rug, and then takes a nap in the chair. Saturday, they both slept very relaxed for hours just a foot or two away from each other.

Kristen Tsetsi, a fantastic writer, friend, and fellow animal lover, who has introduced new cats into her household a few times, said that if they are spending time in the same room and it’s mostly peaceful, then they are on their way to acceptance. I think that Moon’s choosing to share space with Rupert instead of ignoring the situation, which he has the option of doing, is great progress. He’s making a choice. Without my suggestion. Without my forcing the issue. Moon is making the choice to be friendly, and that says a lot about how far he has come in his rehabilitation after 4.5 years.

I did manage to get a blurry picture while I was hiding in the hallway, and above is a nice close-up of Rupert showing off his fat feet. fb_img_1462209315724.jpg


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