It’s The Little Things We Like to Remember…


October of this year marks the 5th Anniversary of Moon kitteh’s decision to become and indoor house cat, but we’ve known him for much longer than that. Time moves so quickly, and I regret not documenting our journey like I’ve been doing with Rupert. Moon’s and My story is a love story, an intimate story, but I didn’t even have a blog when Moon showed up in our yard one moonlit, cold, February night in 2006. It would take 5 years of working with him in situ before he decided on his own that he was done being a wild cat. And in that 5 years, we have all sorts of crazy funny stories of him and his wild brethren. Brethren meaning: skunk, raccoon, and opossum.

Normally, Moon would sit in one of the chairs and watch everyone else eat and play and mill about on our patio in the wee hours, but occasionally, he’d have to interact somewhat with everyone else, even though it always seemed beneath him. Possum annoyed him to no end, especially curious baby possum, who always seemed to want to know who and what Moon kitteh was. One night, to my chagrin and later hysterical laughter, Moon thunked a baby possum right on his little noggin. When Moon came inside for good, we had to keep him away from our ferret Baldrick because Baldrick  was all white and Moon thought he was another annoying possum. Baldrick was deaf as well, so we couldn’t take a chance that Moon would sneak up on him and hurt him unintentionally. When baldrick was running around the house in full ferret-tilt, the panic on Moon’s face was priceless.

As I get older, it gets more difficult to hold onto random memories, let alone the ones you really want and need to cling to. Sadly, most of the funny stuff with Moon happened during the twilight hours, so I have no pictures, and even though Moon still loves to sleep in the moonlight, I wanted something to commemorate his story and his 5-year anniversary with us. I couldn’t think of a better artist to help me realize my dream of Moon than DD McInnes from the Litus Gallery. He is the same visionary animal-loving soul who immortalized my ferrets last year.  I’d fallen in love with his painting of a rabbit flying a kite with a little hedgehog sidekick. It gave me an idea on how to recreate Moon’s magical story in the style of some of my most beloved childhood books.

That said, I present Once Upon a Time, The Moon Dreamt He Was a Kite. DD might name it something different, but that was the thought I had in my head, the same thought that gave Moon kitteh his namesake.


Copyright 2016, The Litus Gallery, DD McInnes, All Rights Reserved





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