A Little Less Please …


funny-sleeping-cat-pictureStress that is.

Things went better for the kittehs last night. I was having my Rupert time and Moon appeared at the gate. He poked his head over the top, looked around, and then sat back down. When he poked his head over the second time, I told him that he could come in if he wanted to. Rupert had eaten, so we were just chillin and watching TV.

I bought a clicker yesterday too while I was at the pet store, but I won’t be using it in the way you might think. I won’t be using it in conjunction with treats to reinforce good behavior; I will be doing the opposite. No treats. The clicking will be used as a distraction to keep Moon from fixating. It catches his attention but isn’t as frightening as shaking a can of pennies, which would scare Rup too, and I don’t want that.

I only had to use it once when Moon started to stare. After the clicking and a gentle nudge from me, he got up into the chair. He wandered around the cushion for a bit trying to figure out why there was no fleece pad. All good sleeping chairs must have a fleece pad now. So I grabbed the one that was on the other chair and gave it to him. He settled in and fell asleep. Rupert did too.

I just laid there and listened to them both snore.

The only time Moon hissed was at me, later. Rupert wanted to get up and eat, and I didn’t want Moon chastising him back into his cat bed. So I picked Moon up so that I could get him out of the room. He hissed at me in protest because he didn’t want to leave. I don’t mind that at all. Hissing at me because he’s mad about a situation is fine. I have to allow him his protest. I just told him that we had to leave because it was our time for a cuddle. He was good with that.

Later, Rupert and I had a flying caterpillar play session before bed. He’s getting more confident in his play, and it’s nice to see him acting like a cat again.

Halo_LAL_rabbit_1-1.6oz-LgI’ve also started putting some freeze-dried rabbit treats on the rung of the gate, so that if Moon decides to gate stare at Rupert, there is a treat there to distract him. The treats are by Halo, but there are a lot of manufacturers out there that make 100% freeze-dried meat treats. Moon also likes Bravo Turkey hearts and Bison. I stay away from treats that have crap grains and fillers just the same as I would when buying their food. D_BT_FD_Turkey_Hearts_Product


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