Cat Update


Nothing really eventful happened over the weekend, though Rupert is out and about more and that’s mostly because I forced the issue. He’s been sleeping in both of the circle beds, depending on his whim and the time of day, so since the one cat bed is out in the open and exposed, I thought it was time to make “behind the furniture” off limits. I moved his regular bed out a little more, slid the chair back to the wall where it belongs, and I put something back there to prevent him from retreating into the space.

I know it’s supposed to be “At Their Pace,” but sometimes you need to take a cue and then push their boundaries just a teeny tiny bit more than they would do themselves. Heck, trapping Rupert was the biggest push of all, and he recovered from it, so I think he will recover from his bed being moved 3 inches. Moon and he touch noses every day, but even Moon is getting a little impatient. He wants company and a playmate, I can tell, but Ruppie isn’t ready yet. So onward we move . . . in tiny increments.


This is a cat bed I like. The lovely lady who makes these is over on Etsy.


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