Tired of the Cats Yet?


I know, I know. This is my author site and my writing blog, but sometimes, despite all the harping about author platforms and other bullshit nonsense, I really want to feel like a three dimensional person, not a writer who only talks about writing, which is straight up boring if you ask me.

Anyhoo … I personally have not been writing lately. I hit a roadblock on my current WIP, and when that happens, I take a break to reset my creative process. Running a fiction magazine requires a time commitment, and I also have a ton of DIY projects to get done around the house, tiling my upstairs shower being the most pressing at the moment, but more importantly, Rupert’s rehabilitation is top on the To Do List, so it takes up the majority of my free time these days, and I don’t mind. AT. ALL. Not to mention that gardening season is fast approaching, and I do have an extensive garden and wildlife habitat to tend to.

When I do have a free moment, I like to watch fiction on film and I read a fair amount, so I thought I might slip some of that in between the cat posts. We just finished up watching Fargo Season 2, and I thought it was even better than the first season. It did hit on sexism and misogyny quite a bit, which was much appreciated in this current political climate.

I also finished reading this. Another_Bullshit_NightI liked it. I don’t read non-fiction often unless it’s about nature or gardening. Memoirs seem self-indulgent to me, so they must have an interesting writing style or a crazy story before I’ll consider them. The last one I read was Running with Scissors, which I enjoyed very much.  This one is about a guy who works at a homeless shelter, who has a drinking and drug problem, and who, not surprisingly, has a father who frequents homeless shelters as a temporary resident and also has a drinking problem. Thematically, it touches on the psychology of addiction, and I found the writing style quite interesting.


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