Feral Redux – Major Awesome Fantastic Breakthrough


Not Rupert this time, but Moon kitteh. And I am so proud of him.

We went back to the door-open during the day scenario for Rupert’s room about 3 weeks ago, and things seemed to be going fine. We’d taken the towel down off the double gates, and Moon and Rupert were talking to each other more often, which was promising, though I still couldn’t trust Moon not to jump the gates at night. Nighttime was still door-closed.

Anyway, my husband and I were putting away the groceries on Saturday morning when I noticed how quiet the house was. I asked my husband, “Where’s Moon,” and he said that Moon had taken a poop and was running around somewhere, as he is wont to do when he feels lighter. But I didn’t hear him on the stairs, so I checked all his usual sleepy spots, and he was nowhere to be found … until I looked in Rupert’s room.

Moon had jumped the gate.

I swear my damn heart stopped, but I stayed calm and quiet and just watched for a minute. The two of them were in the middle of the floor having a nice calm discussion. I decided right then to take the gates down. Of course that frightened Rupert back into his bed, but Moon turned and walked around room, sniffing things, then he scratched the scratch pad a little, and then he decided to play with some toys. Rupert watched intently the entire time, so I decided to let them be. See what happens. I finished putting the groceries away and then we sat down to have breakfast.

An hour later, this is what I found.


Sunday, Moon actually pawed at the gate in the morning so he could get in to visit with his friend. He went to Rupert’s bed, and they touched noses. Then Moon took to the task of showing Rupert how to scratch the pad and how to play with some toys. He didn’t nap in there on Sunday or Monday though, too much commotion in the house.  We did decide on Monday, in light of the events, that it might be time to go door-open with only 1 gate. I don’t want Moon to hurt himself while hurdling over 2 gates. He told us he was ready for Rupert, so since he made the decision, we are just going to go with it. We did close off the bedrooms so that Rupert wouldn’t sequester himself under a bed should he decide to tour the house with Moon. We think it was the right decision.

Today, this morning, Moon had jumped over the single gate and was sleeping soundly in the spare circle bed across the room from Rupert.

This is monumental progress from Moon. We need his help to bring Rupert the rest of the way out of his shell. We need Rupert to acclimate to the rest of the house, and we are very aware of our hulking limitations. He needs another cat, a cat he trusts, to help him with this part of the rehabilitation. He needs a real cat he can emulate, and Moon decided to step up to the plate.


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