Feral Redux – Interesting Evening


So it’s my husband’s week to do the extended visits with Rupert, and to be honest, I get a little panicked that Rupert will forget about me. Weird and neurotic, I know, because I’m in that room way more than he is: I’m the food and litterbox maintenance personnel/grooming staff.  That means I’m fussing over Rupert all of the time. Still, we take separate shifts in the room so that we can each bond with Rupert in our own way without interference from the other person. My husband has a whole different approach than I do. Way different than my: Look! A Kitteh. Squeeeeeee.

Anyway, during his week-in-the-room, I like to go in to give Rupert a snuggle before bed. When I approached the door last night, Rups was not in his bed. He was at the water dish, drinking. I panicked and almost walked away so I wouldn’t scare him, but then when I thought about it, I decided that coddling him would just be reinforcing his timid behavior, so I took the gate down and told him I was coming in, like it or not.

He ran, then hid behind the chair.

At first I was disappointed that there would be no lovin’ before bed, but then Rups started poking his head out to see if I was still on the floor. I was. So I decided to make the best of the situation since he was teasing with me with his pretend shyness. I got the flying caterpillar on a stick and thought I would see if he was interested in playing. Boy was he ever. Jumping. Swatting. Rolling on the floor behind the chair. It only lasted about 10 minutes, but it was nice to see him interacting out of his bed.

Then I left him, and I went to bed to read.

anus_cat_knowsSince Rupert’s been in the house, and his room is right next to the bedroom, Moon kitteh has felt the need to sleep with me more, I suspect to protect me from the foreigner in the other room. He’s even been trying to sneak his stink-ass onto my pillow, which I do not allow for obvious reasons. Last night he curled up next to the pillow while I partook in a little book-time before the incessant slurping started. When I turned my head, I got foot and ass in my face. Sigh.

That shit’s tantamount to picking your nose in public. Rude. But I don’t get mad at Moon; I just pick him up, hug him, and move him out into the living room, on his chair, where butt licking is appropriate, and then I go back to bed — door closed.



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