Feral Redux: I Got Licked … And I liked it.


cat-kissesHow does that song go? I kissed a girl — something something something — and I liked it; well, Rupert kissed me for the first time over the weekend, and I think we both liked it because he does it every time we see each other now.

Moon isn’t a very big licker. He’ll stick his tongue on you kinda like “blep” and that’s pretty much it. My ferrets were big lickers — CRAZY LICKERS — you wouldn’t need a shower after they were done with you. Apparently, Rupert is a licker. Or he didn’t know he was until now, having discovered that love tastes pretty good.

According to Animal Planet:

For cats both male and female, licking is a social exchange as well as a rite of cleanliness. When your cat licks you, she’s cleaning you up and claiming you — just as she would for a feline friend or litter mate.

Licking is a comforting, soothing sensation to cats, and feels like the gentle stroking of your hands petting them. If a cat licks you, she’s returning that favor: She figures, who wouldn’t enjoy being petted and assured of affection?

This is another monumental step for him among many that seem to be happening quite quickly. He’s moving around the room more in the daytime; his conversations with Moon through the gate are getting more frequent; and he doesn’t even wait for me to leave the room before he approaches the breakfast and dinner dishes. He’s even gotten so relaxed with me laying next to his bed on the floor while watching TV that he’ll stretch out a paw for me. 41EuxbKXpnL

At this rate, I think my estimate of 6 months might be on track for getting him back to the veterinarian for a more thorough checkup, and maybe, he might be able to explore the house in short intervals. I’m hopeful, but the timeline is his.

I didn’t expect the kissing though, and it was a perfectly timed because he is shedding his winter coat like crazy. I brush him every day, but he’s grooming now, and it’s a lot of hair, so last night he had one of those retchy furball coughs. Moon’s never coughed up a hairball in his entire time with us. Worms, but no hairballs. The food I feed them takes care of that among other things, but occasionally, the fur is too much and they get a little cough, which requires some lubrication. This is where licking comes in handy. I struggle with Moon, but Rupert took the hairball remedy right off my fingers and wanted more. I’ve tried them all. I prefer petroleum-free, and this one seems to taste the best. Of course, if the cough is persistent, I’d run them right to the vet.


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