Feral Redux – Rupert, 84 Days



We had a few minor/major breakthroughs this weekend with Rupert and Moon.

Last night (Sunday) I was in the room doing our normal visit routine, which consists of a lot of heavy petting for about 20 minutes or so, a little playtime with the flying caterpillar, and then an hour of relaxing next to each other while watching TV. People laugh at the last part, but TV watching is important mostly for the sound: people talking, doorbells ringing, cars, explosions, etc. Rupert really enjoys it since I am usually on the floor next to his bed like a mommy cat. I like watching his eyes get wide when he sees something interesting.

Anyway, so we were doing that when I lifted and turned my head to check on him only to find him sitting up, legs in the air, grooming himself quite contentedly.

You know what they say; a grooming cat is a happy cat. And that he felt secure enough to do it with me only inches away is a very big step for him.

Then at around midnight, he came to the gate and tried calling for Moon. Rupert has a voice, but he doesn’t know how to meow yet to communicate, so it comes out like a squeaky chicken sound. Moon heard him, and then the two of them were chortling away at each other until Rupert attempted to show Moon the belly like he used to, threw himself down on the floor, and subsequently flung the door wide open, which I had forgotten to secure. Of course, this startled everyone, and then I couldn’t sleep because I felt nervous for the rest of the evening that there would be gate jumping. It’s too soon for that yet. We need more conversation, so I have to be diligent about securing the door from now on.

All in all though, these are big, huge, gargantuan progress milestones. I’m thinking that in maybe another 2 months they might be ready to interact in the house. We’ll see, but I am hopeful.



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