Facebook Memories


It’s funny how things change. And that we forget how long it took for that change to happen.


Yesterday Facebook reminded me of a fond memory of Moon kitteh. We brought Moon inside October 2011, and this picture is from February 2012, the end of winter. It was also the first time Moon had ever used a bed in his entire life. To look at him in this picture and to experience how he is now, you would never know he was a wild cat surviving on his own for the better part of his life up to the point in this picture. He still likes using his bed, which is now a better more orthopedic one to help with his stiff weather-worn joints, but if he had his druthers, he’d use me as a bed as often as he could. People always assume that wild-born feral cats will never adapt. Look at this picture. Look at what was a feral cat ten years ago.

I was home sick yesterday and he was on me like a 14 pound stinky-assed blanket, but there were a few moments throughout the day where he wandered off to do cat things, I suppose. During one of my trips to the bathroom, I caught him red-handed doing those secret cat things. Him and Rupert.

I was in my bare feet, so they didn’t hear me coming down the hall when I caught them face to face at the gate conversing with each other – pleasantly I might add.

So all that bravado from Moon of late and all the “I’m shy” stuff from Rupert, I suspect now, is all an act.  Seeing the look on both of their faces when I caught them was priceless.

I need to get a better IP camera just for that room so I can witness and record this stuff without them seeing me.


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