Cat Stuff … And Sometimes, Dog Stuff


I had a few offline questions about the circle cat beds that Rupert and Moon are using in the last post, but let me preface my response by saying that they are not cat beds.

Moon and Rupert are very large cats. 14 pounds of large cat. Feral kittens that live to adulthood and survive tend to be stocky like a tank with an equally sturdy immune system, so those little dinky (what they call) cat beds just don’t work well for me.

Moon actually prefers to stretch out, so he has a very large, flat, orthopedic dog bed with a removable, washable cover that sits on the floor in front of the patio door so that he can bask in the afternoon sun. He’s 10 years old, and living outside in the damp and cold for most of his life has done a number on his joints. Same with Rupert.

pPETNA-5235610_main_t300x300Both Rupert and Moon are bush-cats, too. Both are 10 or more years old. They don’t climb much and don’t like places higher than the back of the sofa. When Rupert was outside, he’d always be hiding, hunkered down under a bush somewhere out of sight, so we needed something circular that could fit in a corner behind furniture to mimic the places he could sleep and feel safe outside.

We found these on sale at Petsmart. Bret Michaels dog beds or something. Yes, the 80s  rocker guy. Everyone wants in on the pet game, I suppose. We bought them because, one: they were on sale; two: they would fit in the washing machine; 3: they were big enough to accommodate Rupert; and 4: they looked quite plush. Although the word “plush” is misleading here, as it is often in pet bedding.


We were disappointed after the first washing.

The word “plush” only applies to the outer circle of the bed, which is very firm and filled with lots of nice foam and batting; however, the bottom of the bed has barely any filler at all, so if you have hard floors, your pet is basically sleeping on said cold, hard floor. This is not good for animals with aging joints. That nobody bothered to think about how the animal’s body comes in contact with a bed before designing such a thing is pure laziness. And, of course, since they were used, hairy, and washed, we could not return them.

If you are currently presented with such a dilemma, we fixed the problem with toddler pillows. Yup, I said Toddler. They are small pillows made for children, and they come in a variety of sizes so you can find one that will fit inside the bed quite snugly. After we did that, Rupert was able to sleep better, and that, we think, helped him relax a little more. Achy joints make for grouchy cats … and grouchy people too.

We got our toddler pillows at Amazon. They measured 13×18 inches, and I made some removable covers for them so we could wash the hair out easier.

So I guess the moral of the story is: get a good quality pet bed, with orthopedic foam, and a cover that can be removed for washing. They cost more, but you won’t need to buy another bed for a while. We got Moon’s bed at In The Company of Dogs. They have lots of different styles and they are really great quality. The one we purchased was a feather-top orthopedic bed, and it was eco-friendly as well.


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